Our Trip to LaKe Agnes Trail

We spent Wednesday getting boxes packed up and things taken to storage. It was a long day with multiple trips up and down stairs but we got a lot done and the storage unit was filling up quickly.

We all declared that Thursday was going to be our play day so we planned on getting up and heading to the mountains. First stop was breakfast of course. Curtis and I split a breakfast burrito and a cinnamon roll. Quick Tip: the best thing to do when you can’t decide what you want but you also want to try multiple things is to split your plate. You get the best of both!!

We decided the best place to hike was the Lake Agnes Trail and the drive there did not disappoint! The view of the river along side the road was gorgeous plus the mountains and trees were the best backdrop.

We stopped to get our parking pass and I quickly realized I didn’t dress for the weather! I forgot how much the temp drops in the mountains. Makes for great hiking though.

We got to the trailhead and started off, quickly feeling the altitude difference. However, it didn’t take long to acclimate. It was definitely worth the hike to the lake. The view speaks for itself, but of course, pictures don’t do it justice.

After we came back down the trail, we had a quick picnic before taking a drive back to my parents to finish up packing. All in all it was a fun hike. I love the mountains!