Road trip to Colorado

We recently took a road trip to Colorado to help my parents move out of their home they’ve lived in for the last 2 1/2 years. They are going back to RV living! Our number one goal for this trip was to stay off the interstate and just enjoy being out on the road. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to take a road trip, so I was very excited to say the least! We wanted to help them move things to storage, plus they wanted to send stuff back with us. Hence the need to rent a storage van.

We left our house on Monday morning after picking up the rental van from Enterprise. Of course it was raining… seems to be a theme with our road trips. They didn’t have the van ready when we wanted to reserve it so we didnt get on the road as early as planned.

We started out on Highway 19 north eventually taking west 36 toward Colorado. The road was pretty empty since we were traveling the smaller highways; just the way we like them!

One of the unwritten rules of our road trips is that we don’t stop at chain restaurants or restaurants that we can have locally. So for lunch we found The Junction. The Junction is described as a family style restaurant that offers something for everyone. I ordered the Chicken Club and Curtis had the Philly Steak Sandwich. The portions were huge! But they were very good and the fries were fresh tasting. (No one likes old grease tasting fries.)

Once we got on the road again, the skies cleared up and we really started to enjoy the drive, especially the changing landscape. I love the rolling hills and the peaceful landscape! The sun and the clouds just really made it for a perfect drive.

We decided to stop for the night in a little town called Bellville. What we didn’t realize was that it was a very small town with not a lot of choices for lodging. To say the least, we were not impressed, even with the jacuzzi tub. Can you see the broken tile? We crashed for the night but were up early to get on the road again. The saving grace of this town was a little coffee shop that had really great coffee called The Feathered Nest. Just what we need for another day on the road.

Again, the road was fairly empty! Which was great for us and made for a great day. We stop at another coffee shop that had lunch in Holyoak, Colorado. As you can tell, coffee shops are my favorite and when they serve lunch it’s a bonus for both of us! Thank you to Brewed Awakening Coffee and Bake Shop for a delicious bite to eat and an excellent dirty chai!

Later that afternoon, we finally made it to my parents house. We did get to take a fun hike up in the mountains but that is a story for tomorrow!